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Daily Inspiration: Meet Henry Rush

February 13, 2024

So I was this 17-year-old rapper who one day hired Michael chase, Gorden of Canoga Park, to film a music video for me. I was skeptical the day we shot because the equipment wasn’t what I saw in the big production music videos on TV. I went with the flow, and the music video came out amazing. I was impressed at how good my music video was compared to the ones on TV, and yet we had a small budget and not all the fancy cameras and equipment, so one day, I decided, well, what if I get my camera? Coming from a family of 12, with me being the oldest, was always hard because I would try to help with the money I had. So I never really had much to spend. One day I got a tax refund and decided to spend it all on a camera and audio equipment. My initial thought was to do my videos to save money because, as I said, I don’t come from much money. I would have these visions and high thoughts of how these videos would come out and would have friends hold the camera to get the shots of me, and it just never really worked out. One day I decided I would use my visions to try and make extra money to do music videos for other artists. That was the day I went from rapper to director.

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